The editing process for proofreading documents
1. Before you send your manuscript

- Ensure that your document is written in Microsoft Word or a compatible format
- Ensure that your document is written in the correct style for your journal of choice
- Complete a submission form to send with your manuscript.

2. Email your manuscript and a completed submission form to: [email protected]

I will respond within 24 hours confirming the cost and letting you know if there are any problems or questions. If I cannot edit your manuscript for any reason I will tell you immediately.
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3. Your manuscript will be edited using Microsoft Word Track Changes

I will return your edited manuscript within 4 days

Payment is due within 28 days of receipt of the revised document. Payment is usually via bank transfer. If you have any feedback or questions on your edited document please email me and I will reply as quickly as possible.

5. For further revisions (e.g. after a journal editorial review) I charge only for the altered text

For example, if 100 words are changed then you only pay for 100 words to be checked. However, you must highlight (e.g. coloured or underlined text) the altered text in the document.
I guarantee that any document edited by Scientific Scripts will not be rejected on the basis of poor English. If this is the case then I will of course offer a further revision of the paper completely free of charge. OR Home
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