Services & pricing
Types of documents edited

I will accept any type of document for editing, for example:
- Theses/dissertations
- Grant and fellowship applications
- Scientific manuscripts
- Letters/correspondence
- Presentation slides

Scientific areas covered

I cover a wide range of disciplines from the life sciences but my academic background is in molecular and cellular biology. If I receive your document and feel I cannot provide a high quality service I will inform you within 24 hours.
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My proofreading price is competitve and easy to calculate: €0.03/word
References and title pages are not included when calculating word count.

*Minimum payment of €30*
I offer one comprehensive service: I will correct any English mistakes whilst ensuring that the scientific meaning remains intact. In addition I will edit the document where necessary to make it more concise and to improve clarity, giving your paper greater impact.

All editing will be shown using Microsoft Word Track Changes so you can see exactly where changes have been made.

Your document will be returned to you within 4 days.

An overview of our service: or Home
Ensure that correct words are used
Spelling and grammar
Basic formatting (e.g., fonts, font sizes, paragraph usage, etc)
Complete confidentiality
Ensure that arguments have a logical flow
Clarification and/or removal of vague language
Removal of repetition
Sentence construction
Ensure a good overall flow, readability and clarity
Ensure a consistent and appropriate tense is used

All editing and proofreading is done in the strictest confidence; the contents will not be divulged to any third parties.
A scientific editing and writing service provided by scientists
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